0.9-3556-g39cd5f1, bugs and some oddball things

Windows graphical.

Got and error saying one of the japanese swords was missing and to check the jsons (the one that starts with a z, soz, its late)
Filter masks are not listed in the crafting list when I started with the tailor profession (dont know if bug or feature).

Ive also twice noticed tough zombies double dropping when they die (2 corpses + double loot). Its def not all the time, and I cant reproduce it, im playing with spawns at 1.5 so it may be happening often and with other zombies but I just havent noticed.

Edit: Found a pile of breathers (bout double the size of a car) that arent doing anything but sitting in a square, eg, not moving. My reading of the wiki makes me think they should be moving about or something?

Breathers aren’t supposed to do anything.

I wasnt sure about them, I just left a note on my map that said ‘return with many mollis’ There is also an item in the middle of the breather pile, but I cant see what it is yet.

That’s likely an artifact. Since they’re made of stone, yeah, you could firebomb the breathers but I think you can get away with meleeing them. IIRC they can’t hit back.

Update, with potential spoilers

so there was a big one in the middle sitting on the item (breather napkin), I tossed a pile of mollis onto the ones on the edge and they died but others respawned in their places. Fired 3 40mm grenades at the one in the middle and it died, causing all the other breathers to die (or despawn?) instantly. I never saw any damage numbers or the like, but got death messages. Checking my kills, I only see one breather (assume it was the middle one). Picked up the breather napkin (apparently its made of stone?), didnt notice any stat changes or anything obvious. I could activate it, but I got the ‘this item has -1 charges and needs 1’ message so for fear of it being radioactive or something I just left the sucker there.