Breathers: Monster lore

So, there’s those new non-hostile blob-like things, the breathers, hanging around on labs lately. Anyone got info/lore on them? What exactly they are, do they present any long-term danger, is there any thing else to their breathing quirk?
Feel free to present info/questions on other creatures too.

They are so old they existed even in the 0.1 version. :slight_smile: They are nether monsters like the mi-go just very rare. They do nothing at all as far i know.

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Damn, had never found them at all until the last few days, when I met then twice, so I just assumed they were new. Maybe their spawning rate was increased or something.

Maybe. :slight_smile: They are so rare i saw maybe few in the past few years. Btw i just looked into the code, because i have a faint memory about this monster and they are not totally useless. They spawn on a top of an anomaly, so if you can kill them, there should be an artifact.

It was a challenge versions ago, but now we have many type of weapon with area effect, it should be not a problem.

I did trow a grenade at the poor things, but found no artifact there. Maybe I just missed it.

I’m not suprised the grenade buff was devastating on this monster. :smiley: In the old versions sometimes i just left the breathers behind because it was impossible to kill them without a good weapon.

It seems you didn’t miss the artifact, i looked deeper into the code, they added the anomalies to the labs but without the artifacts, it is called "portal with an artifact effect ". So the breathers will be more common in the game because anomalies are more common, but artifacts are still rare. Only surface anomalies have an artifact.

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That’s nice to know. Thanks.

I’ve only ever seen one myself. I remember using it to train my melee but I can’t remember if it was because it keep regenerating parts of it or if it just had alot of health.

Yeah, they are AMAZING for that - infinitely regrowing things to kill that literally don’t fight back.