0.9-2161-g05968d9 - Sending zombies flying causes errors

Hit a zombie in any way that makes him move back a tile and you get a DEBUG: update_zombie_pos: no such zombie at X,Y (Moving to X2,Y2) Press Spacebar...

Still happens in 2258-g7ee29ed

Does this actually prevent you using these weapons, or can you just hit spacebar and continue whacking away with no serious problems?

If you press spacebar everything goes normally. The zombie corpse with the items goes in a spot that looks right and you can continue.

It’s annoying to the point I’m not playing until it’s corrected though.
I’m playing a bit of DoomRL. If it isn’t fixed soon I might just take knockback off the Zweihander, should be easy enough.

I’ve been having this problem for a couple of weeks now; it still occurs in 0.9-2784-g0b8f3e6. It seems to only happen when the knockback blow kills the creature; non-fatal knockbacks seem to be ok.

I’ve got other symptoms as well, though. The square where the creature was previously standing becomes bugged for a while. Attempting to move into it causes you to take a swing at some other enemy, perhaps the next-closest one. You can damage and even kill a creature that’s not actually there, and it can’t hit you back. If you kill the creature in the bugged square and continue to swing, you’ll hit yet another creature. Enemies will avoid the spot while it’s bugged, too. If you’re fighting a good-sized horde and inflicting a lot of knockback kills, it gets hard to find a non-buggy path. The problem clears up after a little while, though I haven’t figured out specifically what un-bugs the square.

Edit: Whoops, this is this issue.

I came here to report this, found it was already here. Very annoying, basically renders the fireaxe unusable as a weapon.

I can confirm that this was still an issue as of build 538 and that it only occurs when a zombie is killed and knocked back at the same time.

I’ve had that same error pop up when the first wave of zombies spawns in defense mode when playing at the megastore.