Fire axe bug

Experimental, g6975d9f
Ubuntu Linux

I’ve run into an interesting bug with the fire axe as a weapon. Occasionally when I kill a zombie I get an error “Debug: update_zombie_pos: no such zombie at x1,y1 (moving to x2, y2)”. I believe this is tied to the fire axe’s ability to knock an enemy back on a critical strike, as I haven’t seen the issue with other weapons that don’t have a knock back component and every time it triggers the corpse is dropped one square back from where the zombie was. The game may be getting confused when the zombies position is updated due to the knockback before/after it dies, causing the debug message. This can also sometimes cause a separate bug where trying to move into the space formerly occupied by the now-dead-and-knocked-back zombie results in attacking a random zombie somewhere on the map. I only discovered this when I started running into zombie corpses in areas I hadn’t explored yet.

Known bug.

Thanks for reporting.