[0.9-1269-g94cf342] vehicle menu "r"-jump and "e"-disappearance

If you press the [r]epair on cell with fully intact details cursor jump to other cell. Repeat this situation:

  1. Add vehicle (test on car and bike) from debug menu.
  2. Break one cell with a car, so that the structure of the car rust.
  3. Go to vehicle menu, cursor on fully intact details and press “r”.
  4. Cursor jump to cell with bad parts.

If you set “Vehicle menu style” to “Horizontal” and r[e]name vehicle, when the unit with vehicle characteristics will disappear.

I think the “r” jump is intended to move to the next damaged part to speed up the repair process.

Without a clue I would have guessed=)
Then in the horizontal menu, it works uncorrectly, and jumps to the empty cell.