Vehicle repair prompt confusing

I know that repair is having a big overhaul right now, but I’ll just drop in a small point right now.

When you are on the 'e’xamine vehicle screen and you hit 'r’epair you are often told
“There are no damaged parts on this vehicle” when it actually means “There is nothing you can repair on this vehicle”. For example, if you don’t have necessary components or tools or your welder has a flat battery. This is particularly annoying if you can step a few tiles away and pick up whatever you need to remedy the lack.

Furthermore, when you have a specific location selected on the vehicle which has a damaged part and click 'r’epair it usually goes to that part and tells you what you need to repair it. But if the damaged part is the security system then it does not do that. (I guess you can’t repair security systems because they’re not any point?)

AFAIK, you cant repair security system. i tried.

Yeah, I can see why you can’t repair security systems. Until NPCs get the ability to steal your car there’s no point.