[0.8 Stable] Smoke and elevators bugs

0.8 Stable SDL Windows 7

1st bug: breathed once thick smoke, character can’t stop coughing, harming his chest endlessly. I found this bug once, when I was fighting the Smoker (and killed him) outside the building without any masks. I “fixed” it just by wearing a gas mask - status “Smoke” has gone after my actions.

2nd bug: elevators are dangerous for your gameplay since they can cause heavy glitch. Being curious, I pressed “<” when my character was in the elevator. Debug message told me something like “Trying to generate terrain “null_01”.” and asked me to press Spacebar. Pressing spacebar didn’t help as the game obviously fell into a cycle. I found this bug once.

UPD: I reproduced the bug with endless coughing - now with more sad ending - dying at the beginning with good character and map just because of lackage of gas mask.

I think the smoke inhalation is just overpowered, You can wait it out providing you can heal yourself continuously.
From a character with 12 strength and full torso HP smoke inhalation brought it down to the last red colon of life.