Most damage you dealt? (either directly or indirectly)

The top 5 most damage I dealt was with…

  1. HEAT round (500+)
  2. M72 LAW grazing hit (202)
  3. Shotgun (remington 870) headshot (90-200)
  4. Landmines (150+)
  5. Fencing critical hit stop thrusts with rapier (80-140)

Proof of the M72 LAW grazing hit:

Somebody around here set up a one time vehicle with a 55 gallon drum attached filled with diesel, then set off a c4 under it, or some such silliness, and it killed everything in the reality bubble, or something insane like. Also put a 10 level deep hole into the ground (when they came back later). Whoever that was, post the pics again? Because that’s pretty much the winner of this thread.

7570 damage on a grabber zombie with my first ever 120mm tank hit. XD

Someone left this on reddit (if I’m not mistaken).
This was done by activating Hydraulic Muscles and using Vorpal Strike on some poor zombie brute.

Back when Granades were A:still a thing and B:working I had a long running survivor using boxing that would throw 600-700 damage punches. He once one shotted a shoggoth. It was pretty glorious. And then the laptop he was on died.

Good lord, I thought 202 damage was overkill. All these examples disprove that :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I found another M72 LAW on a zombie soldier. I aimed at a tough zombie, but it hit a decayed zombie behind it…

MMR used to be able to explode everything but hulks with just a punch. Now he needs his diamond broadsword, and can’t quite explode everything. He still does ~300 on every hit, though.

Boxing and granades are insane. My super OP character has like 120 strength and literally just deletes everything.

I don’t think you can actually do this anymore, I’m pretty sure we fixed the bug that made the “mostly empty gas tank” the largest explosion in the game. On the other hand I think we buffed the ANFO charge to be similar, so you can just do that instead. IIRC it leaves a 7 tile deep crater if z-level support is on.