[0.8-2084-gb30ea8b] Archery/corpses

I’v tryed a new caractere in this version.
20str, 16dex, 20int, 13per, 0skill; then iv make a self bow and arrow (field point, arrow shaft, etc) and tryed to kill some wild animal.
About 95% (i’m not kidding) of my kill do not yield any corpse !
i’m marksmanship 2(55), archery 2(3), and they still disapear whatever arrow i try to use.
Cmon, i only do about 2-3 dmg, what’s the problem ? I’m starving because of this, there is only one mob that i can butcher his corpse, it’s one spider (not all, some die in one hit 10dmg and yield nothing too).
And because i can’t butcher corpse of squirell & co, i can’t upgrade my survival skill so anyway it don’t give any food most of the time even if i find a corpse.

Can’t use melee because of the speed of wild animal.

Well, it’s unfortunate that archery doesn’t work.

In the mean time, search the lighter green bushes (forage), or kill squirrels with thrown rocks then butcher.
I’ll try the nightly and see if the problem remains

What are you trying to kill? Small animals? Because small animals will get destroyed with big arrows.

What you mean big arrow ,dude ? I’m using the first available, eg 0 to 3 dmg. Event the one with in histext description “for small hunt game” do the same.
Same for the 2 first bow available.

What bow are you using? Longbow, shortbow, self bow?

Self bow, then short bow.
Wood arrow shaft,field point wood arrow, small game arrow, used for both bows.

Well anyway i’m dead now, killed by a z-bear. Wasn’t able to do something because i was starving. I’v tryed berry, but they are really hard to find (i know how to but u need to run a lot, bu while starving it take too much time).
Iv also tryed the wood, search for food un bush (vegetable) but after tryed enought to grind survival up to 2 from 0, iv found nothing.

You’ve got 20 strength, someone correct me on this if I’m wrong but doesn’t strength and archery skill determine how much damage a bow does?

Strenght affect the fact you can use some bow with efficiency (or just use, not sure for some).
Is also affect the time you take to use crossbow.

This is a side effect of a recent big monster rebalance, we’re in the process of sorting it out.