[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Small game do not yield corpses

I’ve just compiled the latest git, and no matter what I do I instantly gib the animal. I throw a rock at a squirrel? Nothin there. I hit it with my pocket knife? Nothing there, I kill it by throwing my lighter at it? Nothing there. I think something is borked in the new build.

You can thank the new creatue rebalance for that now squirells are considered verminand thus to small to actually yield anything useful
(Candlebury is not happy at all with this stuff)

Uhh… Rabbits too? people eat rabbits all the time, but I’m gibbing them with my stuff.

looks like starting off just got extremely hard. Small game is a staple food until unreasonable lulz occur.

Do snares work? How about spiked pits… (wait what?)

Yeah, that change seems just counter-productive to hunting. It renders things like snare trapping, birdshot, small game arrows and the like all useless for their designed purpose. Rabbits and squirrels should drop small amounts of meat so long as you don’t pulverize them; it was finely balanced before.

:frowning: This is silly. If the purpose is to make it harder, make them less common. This just completely eliminates their purpose. They might as well be invisible.

I’m not too fond of this change either, now squirrels and rabbits are just moving targets to grind your throwing skill.

Ok, iv make another post i tought is was from archery but now i see. It’s stupid atm. Just remove the whole small game is the same, because you don’t need a target to pratice ranged weapon and you can’t (or rarely) go melee with small game (too much quick). More, they take place of something else that could spam (bigger game).

It’s not even some difficult change, it just don’t make sense. A change for difficult would be that butcher small game yield “small piece of meat”, witch cook give less food than the usual; Or harder to get food with survival skill; or whatever change that make it more hard rather than pointless.

It’s a bug, not intended behavior. I’m working on it, should have a fix up soon.

I’ve already got a fairly basic fix in for this merged in by raising small game hp values by a small amount. Smaller things (like throwing rocks, game arrows) should now leave the bodies again while larger ones will still explode them.

If you want to balance small animals, why not add a “sliver of meat” to their butchering drops? Make them a snack instead of a meal.