Zones Expanded

I didn’t see anything about this, but the current use of zones seems like the ground work for something similar to Dwarf Fortress burrows. I was considering, as a summer project, to work to expand the use of them to include an option to have npc’s go to a designated zones and keep building further on the idea from there. It wouldn’t be anything fancy to start with; A direct path to the location (which could be very deadly as they could end up pathing through dangerous areas for my first bit of code). I am just looking for something to keep myself from getting too rusty before classes startup again. But it could be useful for further work for making designated bases to send people back to.

If someone was already working on the idea let me know, but I’ll probably still work on it quietly for fun.

You’re right about the direction, extending it further that way would be welcome.
AFAIK no one is looking into it right now, so you probably won’t have any issues with colliding with others.
One note is we’re trying to head toward a release at the moment, so if you have something done soon it might get blocked by that.

Great, I will wait for your release then. I have only been looking through files to familiarize myself of where things are and how things work so far. I am pretty new still to the project.

Most of my time has been actually playing through the game to see what the game was currently capable of. I meet two mi-go for the first time. I am not sure if they were suppose to be killing zombies but it was the only reason why I survived that sprint in the middle of the night with a near dead flashlight and them constantly picking up my trail.

Yes that sort of thing is intentional, there are a number of monster factions hostle to each other, which you can exploit to deal with troulesome enemies.

example: i was exploring a city one time and a hulk burst through a wall (was fighting other zombies with a gun), well i turned on run and went for the nearby mi-go. a quick zoop past it and i no longer had a hulk chasing me.

Yeah, it was really fortunate there were so many zombies clustered together from a roadblock valiantly still fighting after the end of the world. I do not think I would have survived under any other circumstances. Nearly died for a handful of books. I hope those massive explosions killed the whole lot of them but I doubt I am that lucky.

I noticed there was some work already done with the functions
void npc::go_to_destination(game *g) and
void npc::set_destination(game *g)

A few questions, and sorry if they are simple answers, but where is game *g located to see what data is being passed? Also, could you point me at which file the menu object ‘zones’ is currently located in. I am using notepad++ and don’t have a good method to find something quickly.

You must have outdated sources, the new version doesn’t have the pointer to game as argument in those npc functions.
The newest sources are always located at

Pretty much all non-mission-related npc functions are in files that have “npc” as first 3 letters.
Zones are in clzones.h/.cpp, but the UI to them is in game.cpp

Ah thanks a lot. I am not sure where i downloaded the source I was looking at now but it was build 0.6. So maybe i was having such a hard time finding the zones because it didnt exist yet in that build.

I am really new to this codebase and the size and scope is bigger than I’ve ever worked with before. Is there anyone more familiar with the project willing to swap messengers I can ask some newbie questions to help get me started?

try the toolbox forum is for coding help.

The sources on the frontpage are badly out of date. Go to GitHub to find the newest. GitHub - CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA: Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world.
You can then download a .zip file containing the latest experimental using the clone/download button.

Thanks I have the up to date version now. I have only added a dialogue option when talking to an NPC that does nothing but print out a message saying “checkpoint” at the moment. With July 4th around the corner, the restaurant I am working at is going to be slammed the next couple of weeks (tourist town). Will be working on it further tomorrow on my day off.