Question About the Direction of the Game/Monster Behaviors

So…I was wondering…

There are a lot of suggestions here about making the zombies tougher, or adding certain specific features to the game, but I was wondering…what is the direction the dev team actually has in mind? The game’s ad copy (the blurb on the website) seems to imply that there’s a lot planned, but is it going to be a vast, sprawling sandbox adventure with a lot of variety, or is the focus going to be on the zombies for the forseeable future? Is there an actual story arc planned out with the XE037 and the netherworld and portals and other supernatural stuff? I know what I, personally, want to see, and I think I saw some mentions of plans for otherworldly landscapes leaking through portals, but I just wanted to ask before I cluttered up the board with suggestions that might not fit the vision. Thanks.

As for a couple of actual suggestions, just to keep this a suggestions thread: I guess, in the near term, something that would be neat to see if a little variance in monster behavior patterns. Zombies are pretty straightfoward bum-rush creatures in most fiction, but what about the nether creatures, or even more common things like Triffids? Or even something you can try to communicate with that isn’t a human, or an earthly creature, maybe even the blob itself…but doing so has a chance to induce a sanity effect of some sort? (I picture succeeding feeling like a major turning point in the game, although what I just suggested is fairly standard stuff without more fleshing out). Just stuff you should have to think a little harder to deal with. Also, maybe - and this is a big maybe - the ability to run into previous PCs as guest stars of a sort, or find some way to run into them (or concurrent PCs) other than just inheriting the stuff they dropped. I dunno, it’s just a thought.

Edit: Actually, Triffids might be a bad example, since there are already a few different special kinds, but you know what I mean.