Zone manager difficulties

So I’ve been playing this game for a few days now and its quite a fun game to play but, anyways my problem is about the zone manager and i’ve watched a few videos on how to use it but the only types that i can put in are the no auto pickup and no NPC pickup even though i saw in the videos that there’s way more options than that. Can anyone tell me how to get those other options pls? Im playing in 1.12 in ipad if that helps narrow things down:P

You are playing 5 years old version.

How do I update to the recent version cuz if this is the 5 year old version then does that mean they don’t update it anymore in the appstore?

You don’t. The dev that did the iOS port is no longer around, and no current dev (as far as I know) has the inclination to pick that up again.

Oh that’s pretty sad