Zombie Farming

Can I teach it to play video games?[/quote]why not? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB4X_wS-tRw

Hmm … so … in theory, I could then make a vehicle with wide-wheels in EVERY slot up front (and maybe in back too for double pulping power), and basically make a steamroller. Muahaha.

Is it possible to lets say lock zombies in a prison cell (they are made to confine humans so there is no possible way to escape a cell) and just fire arrows through the bars and have an infinite archery machine?

You don’t really need zombies for that, you could train archery just by shooting at the ground.

I guess if picking up liquids from the ground is ever implemented, you could capture a spitter zombie and harvest acid from it repeatedly. Not much use for capturing zombies other than vanity, otherwise.

Or a shocker zombie on a leash named ‘Pikachu’.