Zombie evolution and CBM´s

I meet tougher versions of the basic zombies now. Also there are more skelletal juggernauts and shocker brutes around.
I cleared the first lab and dissected alot of CBM´s.
I had the choice of using CBM´s but decided to stay human.
Now with the zombie evolution I wonder if using CBM´s are just necessary to have a chance for survival.
I had a situation where just the M2 .50 HMG on my vehicle saved me from 2 skeletal juggernauts.

So what is your experience on that?

I don’t think CBMs are a necessity. I use the stat-boosters and then a few of the utility ones. I’m not sure what constitutes spoilers, but the CBM I use absolutely the most enhances my ability to circumvent obstacles, like solid walls. That and the integrated toolset.

When it comes to actual combat I don’t actually use anything beyond a stat enhancement. I don’t even know if there are any good combat CBMs. I’d rather bash heads in the old fashioned way.

Dielectric capacitance is my favorite combat CBM, because it turns shocker zombies from a serious threat into just another mook.


Chain lightning is great for crowd control, but you can take out almost anything with good melee skills. I can kill juggernauts with just using taekwondo as long as there aren’t too many other zombies around.

As our enemies evolve…so must we.


I like the climate control one. Makes it so I don’t have to strip off my armor for the summer heat or over load myself even more for winter.


And a must have for ice labs.

Integrated toolset is king. Directionnal EMP is semi-useful if you don’t have a control laptop to get rid of grenade hacks. A lot of the CBMs aren’t really needed, but save you some space by replacing a piece of equipment (binoculars, electrohack, etc etc). Some of them barely have any point (infrared vision?)


I don’t want to live in a world where people consider roleplaying The Predator as having ‘barely any point’.


Skeletal Juggernaughts are surprisingly vulnerable to the Mk I Fender. Even a 46kph hit is usually enough to kill them instantly.

I think they basically have great cut armor and virtual pierce immunity - but are fairly vulnerable to bashing damage. I was able to beat a few hand to hand pre-survivor gear with just a morningstar - though it did hurt quite a bit.


How far did you go? CBMs or mutations were necessary for late-game stuff… lots of things which mitigate really deadly cheap mechanics are highly encumbering, hard to craft, or a CBM. To me that’s more realistic. I couldn’t be electrocuted and survive the next 20 seconds of something trying to kill me or Lovecraftian abominations trying to bash my skull and come out alive without being a god.

On the other hand the game has a ton of maintenance mechanics (temperature, food, water, tools) so having ways to dampen how much the “early game” mechanics bog down late-game fun (cough-cough Don’t Starve) is nice. It doesn’t get easy because waiting on things or spending 6-10 hours/days in-game to accomplish one goal can still be character harming (sleep, temperature, encumbrance/volume).

That CBM is basically thermal vision, and it is a lot more useful than you think. It lets you see heat generating targets (non-zombie animals, robots) that are on the other side of walls or in areas that you cannot see directly yet. I use it when I’m in very confined and dark spaces, like the underground portion of the National Guard Base.

Personally, I went full cyborg, because the flesh is weak. I’ve installed every CBM I can get my stealers on. I’ve got just over 40 or so now I think, with around 16,000 bionic power. I’m getting ready to supplement it with the Prime mutations. Already have enhanced hearing from my first hit of serum, which seems to stack with the CBM for hearing, because I can hear a zombie smack a wall from across town.

I thought infrared couldn’t see through walls.

For the most part I find CBM’s to be a lot more powerful than mutations - mainly because they have zero drawbacks at this point, while mutations can really throw a wrench in your build unless you spend an inordinate amount of time and resources (or a lot of save-scumming) to get them to come out juuuust right.

Agreed - basically, Alpha and Elf-a and the only ones worth thinking about, simply for the stat bumps and such. Oh, and medical seems to be decent, based on what I’ve seen.

I have no shame in save scumming game breaking mutations. But I LOVE the play styles that come from them. Right now I have a slime aikido master with a monomolecular blade, and they can defensive throw a ton of enemies at once. I was looting a school and was consistently killing 6/8 of them in one turn.

CBMs only augment a character your skills are what matter. Same with mutations to a lesser extent. Your character is based on tools and skills. So I’d your having trouble maybe try updating or completely upgrading your weapons and armour. Crossbows and bows are a great thing to get into as they have a decent bashing damage and can do decent damage if you have the skill a pneumatic rifle might serve you better as it fires faster.