Z-level Rendering thought

I’ve been mulling over an alternative method of Z-level rendering to the Dwarf-fortress style, and thought i’d throw it out there.
The goal with Z-levels in time, given cars, should probably be to have some amount of sub-tile height value, to prevent extremely jarring level transitions.
To make it appear even less jarring is to attempt to render what the player can see, even other z-levels, at the same time. (with a ‘relative’ height display when e(x)amining.) I really don’t know how difficult that would be to implement, but it would be a major visual improvement to the DF style.

on sub-level height: i’d assume that major constructions like walls would have to zero out the height to match tile base. you might choose if you want to build up to the next z-level, or down? which could possibly require different resources & tools.
if we don’t actually want sub-tile height distinction, then cata should probably rebase to Kansas