[8b38e05] Inconsistency with strength and carrying capacity in the Adv. Inv

Hi, every now and then I create a character with ridiculous stats and hack my path through hell with it. (Monster spawn max, item spawn min, wandering hordes, …)
Haven’t done it in a while, so I can’t say for how long this “error” has existed.

Currently I have a character with a strength of 128 (was 1000 originally, but I already tried to find the upper working limit). The character sheet states a carry weight of 708.8kg, the same goes for the weight limit displayed in the advanced inventory. Yet, carrying a mere 144.5kg, whenever I try to pick something up using the advanced inventory, I am told that “This is too heavy!.”

Using the quick pickup command or examining and picking up works.

So I guess there’s a bug somewhere in the advanced inventorys routine to check the weight limit.