Wrong coloring of construction prerequisites? (0.B 2681)

cdda 0.B 2681 (40d0d68)
windows console build

a minor bug/feature bugs me… take a look at the screenshot below: i want to build a wall but i can’t (of course) because the personage hasn’t yet reached level 2 of construction skill. so the required skill line has been colored red which is good.

however… why is the tools required line also highlighted in red?! there’s a hammer (lever 3 hammering) in the inventory and i can build other stuff that requires it.

this is not critical, i’m just curious.

probably a bug, I’ve noticed it too. text stays red even though you have a hammer. related to the fact that you don’t have skill level 2 in construction. When you reach level 2 skill the text will turn green for both the skill and item (as long as you still have the item available.)