World map bug afterimage

Sorry if this is already known, but does anyone else see the world map bug?

As you can see from the pic, after opening the map and scrolling in any direction, there’s a strange afterimage that trails from the “corner” of the some tile icons. I’m trying to figure out if it’s just me or everything has this same issue.

No mods used. In graphics options, I increased the terminal width/height to 240/70 so I could see more. I play with wander spawns on, static npcs on, delete world on, and I put a default character name. Everything else is the same, using version 6962 but I think I noticed this issue in all versions for the last two weeks that I’ve been playing.

I think it’s a terminal bug with the font sizes, I get that with mate-terminal if I have the font scaled to an odd size – when moving it doesn’t quite clear the whole glyph and leaves bits behind. Adjusting font size up or down fixes it for me.

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Thanks, I’ll try looking at font sizes.

Most terminals will let you switch it on the fly, usually with CTRL + or CTRL -. CDDA handles this reasonably well, though I usually have to push F5 a couple times to get the sidebar to display messages right afterward.