Work t-shirt can be neither disassembled nor butchered

Was in need of rags and noticed it didn’t get butchered like the rest of stuff. Checked further and despite it (apparently) being made of simple cotton…

  • 'D’isassemble option is greyed out, i.e. unselectable;
  • Trying to 'B’utcher it on the ground, with pretty much every tool in the game 2 tiles away and monoblade in hand results in “you don’t have necessary tools to butcher it” message.

Bug? Checked dress shirt, and it can be butchered just fine.

I think several items of clothing might have that issue. Skirts for one.

The thing is, I don’t get what makes the difference. If you compare work t-shirt and dress shirt, they have different coverage values, material thickness, volume and mass. That’s all. Everything else is the same. But one can be cut into rags yet another cannot.

Mass and material are the determining factors for whether an item can be cut up.

When cutting up an item, the game subtracts from it’s mass the base item of each of it’s materials until it can no longer, then spawns the base item of each material however many times it could subtract it from the mass of the initial item.
If the yield of this would be 0, then it cannot be cut up.

So for a cotton garment weighing 750g, and assuming the base item of cotton is a 24g rag, it can subtract the weight of the rag from the weight of the garment 31 times, leaving 6g remaining, so it spawns 31 rags and removes the garment.

For a cotton and wool garment weighing 500g, where the base material of wool is a 10g patch, it subtracts the weight of a rag, then the weight of a patch, and so on until it cannot subtract any more, and spawns rag * how many times it subtracted the weight of the rag from the garment weight, and patch * how many times it subtracted the weight of the patch from the garment weight.

Kinda strange logic. Strange as in resulting in such situations when you cannot get a single rag from a whole t-shirt. And the problem is technically in the t-shirt in question because its weight is 64g while rag is 80g.
Maybe fallback to cotton sheets (with significantly reduced amount because you’re supposed to cut quickly) if an item is too small for even a single rag?
e: also, error message is misleading.

It’s only strange because people have fed it odd (and almost certainly errobeous) inputs.