Wooden cart wheel ,not craftable?

I was in a [i]moded[/i] world and tried to make a wooden cart wheel, from what i know it dosen't require any skill, but i couldn't make one.I was thinking that this may be something with the world ,then i have tried to make one in a [b]non-moded[/b] world and couldn't do it again.

Did the “Required skills” changed for some items when i wasn’t looking?(i curently have 2 at fabrication and surviving)

i had the same problem with a survivor belt, a long time ago…but then i could make it, after 3-4 updates.

Sorry for eny bad english.

0.C-20711-gedf7eabc0a (tiles)

Build:6154 (i am using a game launcher to update…if that makes eny diference)

Wooden cart wheel takes fabrication of 3.


oh,ok…i was thinking that skilled required is the stat that i need to be looking at.

TY, you saved me from using the debug menu.