Wonky lag of a sorts

How this game could possibly lag, I’m not entirely sure, but it somehow manages to.

On my laptop, I’ll admit it’s a bit dated, but that lag is near unplayable. It takes about .5 seconds to move ONE space. Oddly, I don’t remember having this problem back in .3, but that might just be my brain being stupid.

However, even on my PC, it runs perfectly fine… mostly. There isn’t the delay every space, it runs flawlessly. But, every 7 or spaces it delays it for a second for some reason, which is a bit annoying.

Just thought I’d point these out. I don’t think it’s my computer; my friend has a problem with the “7 spaces delay” thing, too.

I actually had lag once, and an eyebot came up and took my picture.
Any thoughts?