Wiring no longer boardable, also can't find it in the files

In previous versions I could walk over wires as a way to power up my base with a generator, but now it acts like a solid wall.

So I went looking for the wiring in the files and I can’t seem to find it anywhere?
Does anyone know where it is now located? I can still build them in game so it must be somewhere.
I’ve checked every file in the JSON that has vehicle in the name, and even a few that don’t have it.

Wiring is a part of the Vehicle Additions Pack.
You can find what you’re looking for at data/mods/blazemod/blaze_other_parts.json.

You’re looking for the following entry:

{ "id" : "wiring", "type" : "vehicle_part", "name" : "wiring", "item" : "wire", "location" : "structure", "symbol" : ".", "broken_symbol" : "#", "color" : "white", "broken_color" : "white", "difficulty" : 1, "durability" : 10, "folded_volume" : 1, "breaks_into" : [{ "item" : "wire", "prob" : 50 } ], "flags" : ["FOLDABLE", "OBSTACLE", "AISLE", "TOOL_NONE"] }

And you have to delete the “OBSTACLE” from the flags in order to make it walkable.

I have to wonder though. Why Obstacle and Aisle…oh well.

Thanks! I thought it was part of the base game due to using it since it came out…