Wire shortage

So… i would like to create lifting equipment in my base but have no luck finding wire or items that would yield it. Any ideas?

Disassembling some electrical devices will yield some as will chainlink fencing(I think).

You can find wire in hardware stores sometimes.

electrical devices yield copper wire and I need just wire, fences are made of barbed wire adn there is no way to use it as regular wire.

I think you can craft wire, but you would need a full anvil/crucible/forge and related tools to get it done.

Smash chainlink fencing. I just checked in in-game and was getting 10 wire per.

I would definitely check all parks you can find for chainlink fence, if you get those basketball courts you’ll have a bunch of wire by the time you are done smashing.

Public works depots
Vault cities
Grocery stores

Metal wreckage also has wire sometimes.

Deconstructing the chain link fences that spawn around parks can get you literally hundreds of wires.