Where are the bikes?!

I can find plenty of motorbikes, and plenty of scooters, but I have yet to find a single pedal-powered bicycle.

Ever. As in, I’ve played for a couple months now, on several worlds, and I’ve been looking, but no bicycles! I recently found ONE bicycle wheel, which is neat since I want that folding bike. But I haven’t found another wheel…


They’re super rare, you’d be better off building one yourself.

Is there any way to make bicycle wheels?

A lot of things with metal parts require a forge, which is also super rare, and a pain in the butt to create. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for the parts you need to make a bike, and grab them when you come by them

Especially chains.
They spawn in trash and… that’s about it.

Unless there’s some item you can disassemble that has them, but I haven’t found any so far.

Also in garages, and in the things that lift the doors.

Craters also have a decent chance of having a chain in them, and I’ve seen them in mines and I think caves as well.

Chains also come as a random drop from Zs, in hardware stores and some of the other new stores as well I think. While finding a bike isnt common, they are pretty easy to make by about day 5 or so.

What, just steel chains? I find those all the time in military crashes. Or whatever those messes of wreckage are that aren’t craters.