Welding rig?

Do welding rigs allow you to craft items, or just repair the things on your vehicle? Regular welders use up a lot of batteries. Can you deconstruct something to get a lot of batteries besides taking them out of obvious electrical equipment like radios or talking dolls? What would you do?

With proper materials and skills you can be overflowing with batteries (the last time I played… 0.7.1 version, but things may have been “toned” down). Don’t worry, play on…


Welding rigs can be used for crafting, you just need to be near the rig when you’re crafting and you’ll be able to use it.

Fortunately, the check distance is further now than it was in previous versions; about 3 spaces, I think?

Also you don’t need to deconstruct items to get to their batteries. Just equip and "U"nload them.

Quick correction: you don’t need to have them equipped. You can just view them in your inventory and "U"nload them, even from your backpack or whatever.