Windows smart screen stopping version 6535

Hey everyone, I just downloaded cataclysm dda version 0.C-6535 (experimental) and when I tried to run it Windows smart screen “protected me” because the publisher was unknown. Should I be worried about this? I take my computer’s security seriously, but I really want to play on the computer because I have been stuck playing it on the ipad for months, and ipad controls are really frustrating. I managed a sweet run as janitor on the ipad, though.

Sure, I can run the stable version, but that thing is ancient (0.C-2834) and I got it a year ago. I have another stable version (0.C-5157) but it has the old encumbrance system and I really hate the old encumbrance system.

edit: resolved, i tried to run it and the smart screen did not turn up :wink: i want everyone to know i could run it