RV Curtains?

How difficult would this be to implement? It’d be nice to be able to open/close curtains like in a home, but in an RV instead. Would it be worth the effort?

I don’t see why not. Hell, why not shades as well? For houses and RVs.

What’s the (in-game) functional difference between shades and curtains?

Curtains are cloth things, shades are those crappy things that hang from strings and never work right if you touch them. Functionally, one drops a sheet and one should drop scrap if implemented.

EkarusRyndren nailed it. Though I can see getting string from shades as well.

Speaking of shades, tinted windows would be great too.

tinted eyeglasses and gas mask would be great too.

“You apply the spray can to your gas mask”

What’s the (in-game) functional difference between shades and curtains?[/quote]
They are two (very) similar terrain pieces, one of which doesn’t have open and close functions and the other does (which I think might be in the JSONs now, in which case it should be relatively easy to add, though I don’t think you can change spawned vehicles without recompiling yet).

It is a great idea, must admit me, myself & I. Flags needed are, however, unknown to me - it is that you need to have both [closed] and [open] at the same time if you wanted the windshield to behave like it’s tinted. Another thing that must be resolved afterwards is that of in-vehicle visibility, because the lighting coming from the outside is pretty much dimmed. A close-enough call would be to look @ the way the game handles night vision items (CBMs, goggles etc.) because that’s exactly what you want when something happens to the sheet of glass you modified - partial visibility, x^y angle and so on.


We need spinners too, my wheels gotta be flashy for all the zombie bitches when I cruise by.

“type” : “vehicle_part”,
“id” : “spinner”,
“name”: “spinner”,
“symbol”: “$”,
“color”: “light_grey”,
“broken_symbol”: “x”,
“broken_color”: “light_gray”,
“damage_modifier”: 50,
“durability”: 20,
“item”: “spinner_part”,
“difficulty”: 1,
“flags”: [“UNMOUNT_ON_DAMAGE”]

    "id" : "spinner_part",
    "name" : "Spinner",
    "description" : "Bitchin spinning rims yo.",
    "weight" : 9525,
    "to_hit" : -2,
    "color" : "light_grey",
    "symbol" : "$",
    "material" : ["steel", "null"],
    "techniques" : ["DEF_DISARM"],
    "volume" : 8,
    "bashing" : 4,
    "cutting" : 0,
    "price" : 20


lol excellent!

I love the description!

Somewhat on topic, currently ((Read: last time I used them)) sliding doors open all sliding doors in adjacent tiles. I’ve been using them more or less as big cargo container freight doors. I’d love an opaque version added for similar reasons.