Will we be able to equip the statue and manekin someday?

just simply to show off the fashion/equipment image in the statue or manekin without wearing it and get some malus, probably not that good for player that not using image sheet, maybe it can also help to disguise or tricking enemy that are not zed as bait since at least i know theres one where we can attach talking doll to manekin to trick zed so maybe we can make another that work against enemy that depend on sight or kidnapper like mi-go who end up kidnap manekin instead, also maybe adding trap mechanism to turn the manekin and statue into automaton that use weapon to attack

here some example image (not necessarily only range weapon but also melee one too.)

japan archer automata

Having sprites for when an armor is on a mannequin is already possible, it just needs someone to draw thousands of sprites to cover every cloth in the game. Which is very unlikely to happen

how to trigger it? or what button or option i need to use? or it automatically happen when i drop item to it?

No I mean it’s technically possible because the game engine can already do it, but no one is going to draw the thousands of sprite it would require to actually happen.

cant they use the same sprite of the character equipment so no need to redraw ?


yes, it would also require to change the mannequin sprite to be similar to player sprite and then write the json that handles overlay sprites of items on furnitures

that was what i originally though , and i think that at least require less work than redraw all of it and make the code in the end.

and as far as i know most of the image sheet use the mannequin similar to ultica art (correct me if i am wrong about it) which pretty much similar to player sprite (for ultica), so either they make a mannequin sprite to look like their player sprite or they can work together to simply copy paste from the ultica one.

Feel free to start working on it, here’s the relevant documentation Cataclysm-DDA/doc/TILESET.md at cea58414dda6fa661c4c15db6a54db1228cbaac5 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

oh thanks for the guide, it may indirectly help me figure out how to put new dino sprite to ultica one, for the mannequin one i am not confident for it regarding “handles overlay sprites of items on furnitures” seems too advance for a noob like me and even if i did i dont think i want to share though.

but thanks gonna try it anyway.