Wilderness life

I started a full on wilderness game, and I’m finding it a bit… fucky.

NPCs cause the game to lag out. Based on error messages it seems like they all need to start walking towards the nearest city when the spawn, and without cities that doesn’t work.

There’s no water, anywhere. Why are river spawns tied to cities?

Doesn’t seem like wilderness locations appear, which is kinda bullshit too. If something was going to spawn in the empty spaces between cities, why isn’t spawning in the empty spaces that encompass everything? This might just be that I haven’t traveled far enough yet.

Whats the deal with garbage pick ups from foraging? It seems once I hit two survival plastic bottles disappear from the drop list. I’m not sure how survival works with regards to what drops, observations tell me at 1 your list of potential drops grows, and at 2 it grows further and your chances of finding something go way up, and at 3 they go up even more, but no items seem to be added to the drop list. The growth of the list is good, even if it doesn’t strictly make a lot of sense, but it seems to remove or greatly reduce the possibility of finding garbage, which are by far the most valuable items for wilderness survivalists.

As a side note, not a complaint or anything, throwing sticks are waaay too op, and animals are waaay too aggressive. Even being careful I’m running into 2-3 packs of dogs on day 1. 1 of those packs of dogs will follow me until they are all dead (I know it’s beyond the scope of current enemy AI, but if you kill a couple of dogs from a pack the rest aren’t sticking around to get revenge).

Also not really a complaint, but someone should fix it so you can spawn a no cities world, and still choose a normal start location startup. If it can’t find or build a suitable location it should just tell you as much and dump you in the wilderness, not hard crash the game.

A no city setting would be pretty nice to have, additional settings to have ruins or other special buildings in the woods would be cool too.
Hope they fix this soon, id like to have a wilderness only game.

I can confirm, I created a github issue to track it here: NPCs in city-less worlds really slow the game down · Issue #22270 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

Can’t reproduce, I’m getting rivers just fine.

Some of the locations actually require cities, despite looking wilderness-y. Others do actually spawn - farms, shipwrecks, LMOEs.

Are you sure it isn’t just you getting so many good drops that you don’t forage long enough to find the trash? Trash drop list doesn’t change with skill.

Yeah, you are right, it’s just randomness expressing itself. Foraging for 5 days and not getting the 3 bottles needed for a makeshift funnel was bothersome, but I started another new game and found a swamp and a river inside 2 days.

But farms and LMOEs do not spawn. No locations have spawned and the character is approaching a year of play and has ranged quite a distance. Only features are heli crashes, corpse piles with associated monsters, minefields, and I’ve found one airdrop crate.

On the upside, In that year I’ve managed to build a rock forge, a clay kiln, all the tools required for… well, anything not electronics/mechanics related. I also got lucky and from some marijuanna seeds on a corpse, and found a few books, but generally speaking the only thing left to expand with is finding more books and seed types, both of which are rare enough to not really be a thing.

Recipes are the main reason why I don’t do wilderness, no-city, scenarios. I find it annoying that a large portion of recipes I will never learn unless I happen to find a corresponding book, regardless of my level in the needed skill. Books in these cases are just not practical enough to rely on.