Why not a rape mod?

So I saw the other thread about this, and I saw the arguments people used. But for the most part, I couldn’t really find myself agreeing with them.
I’ll try to address them here.
A common argument that most of them used was that rape is a very disgusting, amoral thing. And I agree. Rape is awful. But why does that mean it shouldn’t be portrayed in this game when murder, cannibalism, and the violent deaths of children are?
I mean, it doesn’t even need to be as prevalent as all those things are(each of them is available in the downloadable version, the child death might take one of the prepackaged mods though). A mod that’s simply separate from the game entirely.
Nor does it even need to display as much detail as all of those things do, a simple fade to black with some debuffs applied to the victim, and morale loss/gain to the perpetrator.
A lot of people also brought up those close to them who also suffered from sexual assault. I’ve literally been sexually assaulted by a family member and I’m still fine with rape being portrayed in media. If anything, because it’s so personal, sometimes it means even more to me, hits me even harder.
So I don’t think using victims as an argument is valid.
tl;dr I don’t think rape would be as inherently bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Because there’s no reason to add it to the game. The potential negatives outweigh basically any other argument for why it should exist even as a mod. I advise against pursuing this.


How so?
Is it because you personally do not enjoy rape?
I’m genuinely curious because most of the arguments I saw against it co sisted of “rape is gross and bad, therefore it should not be in the game ever, even as a mod”

Nobody playing the game has been murdered, cannibalized, or had to kill their zombie kids. I have no idea how you’re not seeing this. The most important thing though is simply that it adds nothing to the game. You can already commit violence to NPCs. No other violence in the game is made so granular for the sole purpose of simulating particularly grisly harm.

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Alright, but have they been physically assaulted? Attacked by a group? Been in a dangerous car accident? Shot, stabbed, bludgeoned? Lost limbs or other body parts?
While I will admit that some of these things aren’t quite as severe as rape, they’re all things that can happen to people.
All things that can be traumatizing.

Not in the same sense. All of those things are generally severely traumatizing when coupled with emotional background. Rape comes with the emotional background rolled in.

But again, far more to the point: it simply adds nothing. There is no upside to adding it, but there is a downside.

Thats a hard no from me, and no, I feel no need to discuss it.

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The closest thing I could see to that is either a pregnancy mod or service robots. Rape is not even close to being needed.

If a rape mod added gameplay value like for the mycus/playermonsters/other’s getting to make NPC’s into breeding beds then yeah I would be fine with it.

But as it stands there is no reason for rape to be in the game atm.

There is no pregnancy mod atm so you can’t become a insect queen and make a colony. So I really think such things should be made before talking about a rape mod.

Otherwise there just is no real reason to think about it.

And service androids… That would be one great moral boost from useing it XD

After some thought, this is a rare case of a debate with zero vaue, so I’m locking the thread.