Associate professions with random characters

I usually play with “Play Now” characters so to simulate the feeling of going over various different individuals and not fall in the routine of the same build over and over but it’s a bit boring always spawning as an unemployed character. How hard would it be to get the random characters to have a random profession aswell, juggling with the points along?

I’m guessing nobody else here plays with random characters, thus this doesn’t warrant any interest?

I suggested the same thing not too long ago. I’d like to see it.


Thank you BevapDin

IME the “Play Now!” function is eminently useful for debug work; as such that’s what I think of when I think of random characters.

Glad it works out, though, and congrats on your 100th post and NPC status, Vronkio. :slight_smile:

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never used the function. But now I kind of want to.

It would be nice if you could either do a completely random character (including a random profession) or simply choose a profession and let the game pick random stats for you. So you can play a ‘random’ Bow-Hunter, or whatever, if that’s what you feel like playing but want some randomization.

You can do “random” then go back and pick a profession, or do you mean have the stats be reasonable for a bowhunter?

Actually I’m spoiled for choice now, there are two PRs that implement this now, so I have to decide which one should be it. Evidently there was more interest than people thought.

Isn’t it already implemented?

yea I landed one, but the other one might be a better implementation, have to compare them.

Well, thank you also whoever did the other variation!

Although I rarely use it other than to test out a new experimental branch, I would think that an automatic profession chooser would be the best option for a random character (as it’d just be ‘play it now!’ without having to go back and change anything) - definitely needs to be tied in to either skill points or traits though!