Why can't I learn these recipes?

I’m playing with the vehicle additions pack (or blazemod) and I can’t learn the majority of the recipes despite them being “auto learned” and my character having 8 in cooking and 9 in fabrication, in fact, these recipes don’t show up in the crafting screen, even if I use the debug command to unlock all recipes the only blob recipes that show up are the blob feed and the gel wheel, so what is happening?

Version:0.C-25782-g57968ee (tiles)


Odd. Which blazemod?

A fork that I got from the Blazemod page (edited to have the vanilla mod’s blob parts) also I created a new world and there it worked fine, is it just some error with that save?

It looks like Maddremor’s fork does something unusual with book_learn

Hmm… I created a new world with the exact same mods that the bugged save (but with vanilla blazemod) and the problem happened on the new character, could it be some kind of mod conflict? I’m going to try and make worlds one by one until I find the culprit (if there is a culprit)

Note: the world I created above only had blazemod in it (along with the ones that comes by default, (simplified nutrition, filthy clothes, etc…)

Here is the list of the mods in that world(the bugged one), could it be one of these?

“Merchant”, (a mod that adds merchants and other setlements for trade)
“ms”, (this is called mutations changes)
“ZSFIXED_cddaxp” (a fixed extra professions and gears)

Ok, I found out, it’s the “mutations changes” mod that is causing the problem, how does that mod conflict with blaze’s mod? and can I remove a mod from an existing save?

You can. Just delete the mod’s name fro your save’s mods.json file. You will receive errors if the mod added any new items, but that won’t destroy your world.

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Thanks!, its working now (I was afraid that I would have to start over) so, thank you for your help!