Why can't I harvest tainted hides?

Pretty self explanatory for some reason I cannot seem to obtain tainted hides or pelts from any creature with it’s harvest. I even set the harvest to 2 and higher but I always get the you failed to harvest message.

Are you using full butchery option? What butchering quality is tool which you are using? Do you have butchering rack next to you?
And I don’t understand a part with ‘harvest 2’.

He might be talking about the butchering option, which is full butchery. If you can’t get hides even if you performed the highest butchering possibility, your butchering tool could be the problem :wink:

Skinning and full, hunting knife but have tested with auto scalpels and rack. Harvest 2 is referencing the harvest.json which seem to determined what gets harvested from what based on weight and I have set for testing purposes the ratio for the tainted pelt and hides to 0.9, 1 and 2 whereas the default would be 0.02 or 0.01.

Harvest 2 is referencing harvest.json which seem to determine what gets harvested during butchering based on weight which for testing I have set the tainted hides to 0.9, 1 and 2 whereas the default value is 0.02 or something like that. It’s a similar thing with Kevlar plates from Kevlar zombies.