How to harvest raw pelts

Hello this is my first time playing the experimental builds and I can’t figure out how to harvest raw pelts I’ve butchered a cougar and a few coyotes with both full and quick butchery is it skill dependent or a certain level of butchering equipment needed?

It is skill dependent. Survival skill IIRC. You’ll need to do a full butchery and the game will explain what it is you’ll need when you attempt to do it. Make sure your butchery tool doesn’t have a negative value. Smaller creatures don’t give pelts, though I think i might have gotten a pelt from a cougar before. Try to go for some pigs, moose (careful, have an escape plan), or bears (careful).

I’ve managed to get pelts with quick butchery and 5+ Survival. So it can be done without a full setup, it’s just not easy, nor is it guaranteed. But I’ve even done it with a stone knife.

Thank you I currently have a stone knife and a survival skill of 3 with a butchering rack so I suppose I’m a bit under equipped for now

Don’t forget about fiber/leather mats and tables. Those will help as well.

Keep building up the survival skill, because it’s low right now you’re just going to have to tough it out without leather unless you get a lucky kill or scavenge smartly.

Coyotes are my usual source of pelts. With survival 5, a butcher’s knife, and a butchery rack, I almost always get 1, and sometimes get 2 or 3. And they attack me often enough that I’ve never needed to hunt.

Same here. I more often than not get one from quick butchery while on the road.

There is an clothing item which gives some pelt, when disassembled. It is either the “Suit” or the “Blazer”. So always grab it when you come along one. This way you have enough pelt around without the need to hunt.