Is this how skinning is supposed to work?

When i try to skin some animal, it tells me that it was a success, but i do not get anything out of it. Is this how it is supposed to work? If it matters, i skinned zombies and black widows with the same effect.


The higher your butcher quality and fine cutting of your tools and your survival skill effect how much hide you can harvest

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Try get a hunting knife and scalpel for best tool harvesting quality, then you just gotta level up your survival.

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This is not what i meant. The problem is that the message in-game tells me that i had succeeded in skinning the creature, but there’s no skin!

If my instruments or my skill are not high enough, i should get a message that i did not succeed to skin the creature, or that i had succeeded in skinning it, but i did not recover anything out of it.

As it is right now, it’s very confusing.


Check your inventory and the floor tiles and kill some more stuff and skin then, could be a bug or the stuff your skinning don’t actually yield hides such as the zombies.

mate, i am not new to the game. Of course i have checked everywhere (it should give you a message with the new item in inventory or on the floor anyway, as it does with everything else, like butchering, crafting etc.).

Even if there’s no bug and everything works as intended, the message right now is confusing, thus it needs to be changed.


A black widow will not give you skin, if you do a full butchery it will give you the chitin, pretty hard to skin an insect.

I don’t know about a zombie though, I think you’ll have to get a zombie animal to skin it, otherwise just do a full butchery.

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I understand that, but the in-game message should be clear that it’s impossible, or that i did not get anything. As it is right now, it tells me that i have successfully skinned the black widow, but i get nothing from it.

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Zombies don’t give tainted leather hide due to their harvest lists not having it as an entry. This goes against the fact that you can skin regular humans for regular leather hide.

Same problem for spiders.


Then someone has to change the message to show exactly that - “you did not get anything from skinning the black widow” (as an example).

I would do it myself, but i lack the necessary coding knowledge.

Well, you could be thankful that someone told you how to get the chitin from an insect. If it really is a problem, however, you could recode it yourself…

Mlangsdorf has a great guide on how to use JSON to create basically most things in the game, or edit old objects to fix them.

Mate, i know how to use chitin lol. This is an issue within the game, that’s why i posted it in The Garage category, not in The Bunker, where people ask for help.

Bro, I think you forgot to actually read the whole post… I didn’t even mention how to use the chitin either…

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