Why are spiders allied with zombies?

Is there something I’m missing here? They should be tearing each other apart, not working together to kill me. I can understand cockroaches, but spiders I can’t.

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Spiders should and other bugs should actually attack zombies and not just the player. Most species that are hostile, would be so to pretty much everything not their own species. Some even to each other. Like a praying mantis.

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Most spiders have a sight debuff in that they can’t see very far so most spiders will ignore zombies unless they are REALLY close zombies have a similar effect as do almost every enemy save the tank drone and the chicken bot they actually have a sight range greater than the player. Also a note about spiders! They actually don’t have great eyesight and it has to do with the size and structure of their eyes (mostly size) even big ones can barely see the biggest I’ve been recorded noticing prey something up to 10 feet away MAX which means if you scale it and call each tile three feet dog sized spider and you get something 60 feet tops add that it is likely a dark dwelling spider and reduce its vision by 50% and you get a modest 30 detection range (note not 100% accurate and is still to be tested more heavily) or ten tiles. So it’s likely not the spiders and zombies conspiring against you but the fact that they can both see you/are agroed on you (most enemies will chase one target for quite awhile).

TLDR spiders are too blind to go after the zombies and vice versa.

The problem is that I’ve been in combat with them before while next to zombies but they went straight for me. Even if I move they would try to hit me first.

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That’s probably because they both latched to you and the spider still sees you. But enemies try to keep the same target for awhile. So they will fight just takes awhile.

Doing some accidental testing and I can concur zombies don’t attack spiders nor do spiders attack zombies as locking some in an area with each other does nothing

That’s weird. Because of RNG, I’ve never really had to deal with both at the same time.

I was running around a lab invisibly when they chased me. managed to trap a couple in a room for a week came back and all were still alive