Why am I perpetually feinting?

So having only just gotten back into this, I had a randomly generated gangster type of person who was fabulously moseying through the wilderness poking all of the things to death with a switchblade.

Then I met a skeletal dog and my gangster man insisted on doing nothing but ‘feinting’ every single time in combat while this dog gnawed on him and I’m not really sure why.

Any help?

Feinting is a martial arts action that reduces recovery time when you miss an attack.

In other words: You just kept missing.

So why are skeletal dogs so impossible to hit? I had managed to kill everything else without missing once. Are they just incredibly dextrous or something?

What is your torso encumbrance? That significantly effects melee efficiency. (Oddly, from my memory, no other encumbrance does … which probably should be changed. Ranged efficiency is effected by eye, arm, and hand encumbrance, and swimming is effected by leg and torso encumbrance, but melee is only effected by the torso, AFAIK…)

also skeletons/skeletal dogs are quiet a lot faster than you and harder to hit, even with guns. try not to get bit, they have pretty high chance of inflicting bleeding bite wounds.

Switchblade is also a terrible weapon for hitting stuff with (-2 by memory), before you melee skills get higher you want something with a high to hit and preferably no more than 1 torso enc. Decent Dex helps a fair bit as well.