Why am I getting hurt?

I seem to have enough armour to be hurt by not much of any creatures, the chat log keeps saying they can’t penetrate my armour and I take no damage.

But all the same my torso and limbs keep goign down and I eventually die, what’s the deal?

Is it because I’m using unarmed or?

Are you blocking? Blocking will cause you to take some of the damage, usually to your arms.

Life is pain.

Perhaps this damage is an in-game representation of the constant, ambient hurt that is life.


Can I turn off blocking? I don’t think I need to block.

Are you:
Fighting a riot/police bot and getting tasered?
Holding a weird artifact?
Standing in acid?
Getting zapped by a shocker?

Do you have a faulty/leaky bionic that’s causing you damage?

Another mishap consequence of having volume mimicking magic pockets.Plus almost every noob seems to just cram every miscellaneous object down their pants and thinks it won’t have any repercussions.

Check your volume and weight and if anything is over the amount of either or both. Then that is your problem.

too warm / too cold, perhaps? faulty bionics?

Not blocking just means you’ll take the full damage to wherever rather than partial damage to your arms. If your arms are armored, it shouldn’t be a problem since the armor will soak it.

Hmm it might be acid/electricity.

My volume/weight isn’t over max so should be fine.