Which Mutation Tree do you Prefer?

CBMAlpha master race!

Either raptor or spider.

Spider for the thread and stuff, raptor for… raptor.

I’ve always thought a raptor mutant and spider mutant would be a great duo.

What I usually go with is post-threshold raptor, but I drink a lot of medical mutagen afterwards. Last character who got memed by a horde was that, and I had very good traits like regeneration but only got heavy sleeper as a negative.

Which might’ve contributed to the entire horde surrounding my base, actually.

In post-threshold Alpha and Raptors are exceptionally good, while others, not so much. I would prefer bird + beast + medical; Medical has some nasty drawbacks such as Schizophrenic and Jittery. But In fact I don’t mutate until I’ve found an alpha serum or a book with recipe for one. I hate most of the mutations since I don’t have a robust genetics trait, and due to that serums and mutagens have a higher chance of giving bad mutations.

In my current savegame, I’ve not mutated much. I mutated into Strong after I picked up a damaged plutonium cell, had a horrible time coping with the radiation but the end results were good… really good. I developed Very Strong mutation after eating a mutated arm from some zombie scientist while fighting hordes in the middle of a fema camp (I don’t know if I was super lucky or what; but after doing some tests in the debug mode, mutations seem to do more bad than good). I didn’t knew that mutations can be really bad, I only got to know after I got Jittery and Forgetful traits from drinking a medical mutagen which I had crafted my self. But thankfully I had lots of purifier and it went away with just 2 flasks. Right now I have many kinds of serums and mutagens but right now I prefer to stay away from them. I will just keep playing normally till I have a recipe or some flasks of alpha mutagen/serum (I don’t think passing the alpha threshold hurts that much).

Mutagen recipes are not hard to come by, some lab journals and PE065 books will teach you most of the recipes (except some rare types like Alpha and triglobite which don’t seem to be in those books).

Its the bionics which I like the most, they are better, offer little/no drawbacks but unfortunately are harder to get. Some good mutations do no harm though but without the robust genetics trait, they are pretty useless (unless you want to change your play style completely by breaching a threshold).