Random conversation about mutations and mutagen

The talk of strength and intelligence just reminded me of my character! I wanted a character who was thematic with his class/job, which was a lumberjack. While it isn’t strictly true, I imagined his large head is mostly skull, and tiny brain, but his muscles were rather large. So he started with 12 strength and 7 or 6 intelligence. Because of one of the mods that lets stats increase he now has 15 strength (11.2 melee damage bonus) and 13 intelligence (read times 75%). Seriously, the apocalypse was actually really useful for him. One day he thought: “hmmm, with me knew brain, perhaps I can become even more powerful than the regular human?” So he made some tainted tornado, which didn’t work and only made him VERY sick. “How about I learn a bit more before I do that again?” It’s funny how he used to have a debuff on his reading skill, but because of three libraries found right next to his house his brain got bigger super fast. Despite being someone who cut down trees for a living, he always wondered what it was like to be one, and thus he still wishes to become a mutant some day. He also still can’t figure out to install his many bionics yet since the game seems to be glitching, permanently saying to wait 0 minutes to work : P Also, due to his insanely high tailoring skill and lots of luck, it is very rare that any weaker enemies can actually hurt him without a horde. Doesn’t mean it’s so good I’m too safe or anything. I always love starting as a lumberjack since the wood axe is a great weapon and you start with it. Well that was long.

Do any of you know why my tainted tornado won’t work? I believe you can turn into some sort of tree-tank character that eats from dirt, despite my character being a lumberjack, he quite loves trees.
Also, could any of you set up one of those things where you draw people’s characters? Those are pretty cool, I’m half tempted to do one myself. However my art is always done on paper with a black in white pencil and is less impressive. But I still might try it someday. It’ll further hone my skills!

Tainted Tornado is classified as “Weak Mutagen”, and Weak Mutagen doesn’t work anymore and has yet to be rectified. I haven’t been able to get it to work for a long time.

If you want to mutate, you need Mutagen, as in the stuff that made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a rare find on scientists corpses, as well as found abundantly in labs. Find the right books and get your cooking high enough and you can make it with Bleach, Ammonia and Tainted Meat.

What are the exact stats needed? I currently have cooking 10, which I believe is the max. Are books NEEDED now, since if nothing else once upon a time it wasn’t necessary if you had good enough skills. I have both bleach and ammonia. I have plenty of tainted meat, in fact, due to wandering zombies the area around my base up to over 15 tiles away is littered with the corpses of fallen zombies. Several tend to wake me up in the middle of the night since I really don’t care to board up all my broken windows and doors, so there are corpses all around my bed too. I tend to use them for fuel for my fire too, even though I have practically infinite batteries now for my mess kit and the likes. Seriously, I easily have over 2,500 of the things.

http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/mutagen/craft There is everything you’ll need. Check if you have any of books at the bottom of the list. The needed level is next to book name.

About art. There was a thread for character art but David closed it yesterday. And a thread for general questions but I can’t find it.

Where do you find the book called: Best Practices for Compound Delivery?
I assume the lab is a good place to find all the books, but is there any other way? I have trouble finding a key-card and I believe there are some pretty deadly turrets in there…

I use an electrohack and a stick of dynamite or an EMP grenade to enter.

Labs, dead zombie scientists, and random collections of dead scientists that you can stumble across anywhere in the overmap. Being a classified book, I don’t think it ever spawns in libraries.

I can’t easily make dynamite or an elctrohack just yet, but making the EMP grenade will be a piece of cake. Sadly, the only lab I know of is really far away, and my car still needs some work on it before I can drive several miles away, over at least 50 over-map tiles. I got a mission from an NPC that showed me where the NEAREST one is, so I can reach it eventually, it’ll just take a long time going through uncharted lands. That said, the tourist map I got was very useful in knowing some of the basics of where stuff is.

I’ve seen a couple versions spawn in the trash cans of random houses. Very rare though.

Find a book, a lot of ammonia and tainted meat. Craft a lot of mutagens and purifiers. Use mutagens to get mutations. Use purifiers to get rid of them. It’s all random but you’ll probably be able to get what you need eventually.

Find a specific book, make plant mutagens.

Be careful in Labs. Protip: Turn off your Flashlight, and keep it off while you’re inside.

Err, why would you need to do that?

Turrets. The naturally give off light when deployed, and the best way to detect them is to keep your own light off. Otherwise, you risk walking into a room and getting a face full of submachine gun.