Which Mutation Tree do you Prefer?

I personally like the Chimera Tree myself.

I kinda like the looks of Medical and Alpha, but then again I’m the kind of boring asshole who always plays humans in fantasy games.

Off-topic: why does your message to the left make me picture you guzzling jerrycans of tainted tornado and sewer brew

Generally, if I’m in a woodlands area, I go Lupine for the hope that the Devs will finally think about making Lupine much better in the woodlands.
If I’m in Urban, I generally still go Lupine, why?
Because FUKKEN WEREWOLVES ARE AWESOME. the Lupine Branch I modified is amazing at Stealth, and a plus is that once you go past threshold Turrents won’t 1-hit you… I also often play as the “Different” guy in D&D, like the Tiefling Warlord who admits he’s plotting against you.
However, if you prefer to be a munchkin dedicated stat-upgrader you can take the path of the Alpha, and be a Astartes DEDICATED SAVIOR OF THE HUMAN RACE, SPESS MAHRINES!


-You’re fluffy
-Never run out of thread
-Nothing can catch you with your web-producing booty
-[Dexterity Intensifies]
-Night vision
-Save yourself from falls with your web-producing ass
-Bitch slap people to inject them with a deadly venom

-Only eat meat
-Most girls scream and run away from you
-Most people won’t hug you no matter how fluffy you are ;(
-Annoying post-threshold when you’re spewing webs everywhere without control
-Leaving your web ass on without noticing takes a toll on your hunger

But overall being a fluffy spider person is amazing =3

I’ll hug you Jakers Offers hug

Hugs and squee/hisses =3

See! I didn’t eat him, I’m a nice spider really

I usually do beast + troglobite + bird for a pretty safe mutation. The only real show stoppers are forgetful, slimy, and cold blooded if I remember right. A lot of their negative mutations aren’t so bad.

But I haven’t used mutagen stuff in a while so things might be less ideal now.

I don’t really like thresholds because it removes some of the incentive to get creative with the mutagen.

Probably because My cataclysm characters do.

I like the slime tree because you can make little chibi slime friends :3

Second favourite is feline because cats.

Yeah the Slimes are pretty awesome but I prefer Chimera, Every Man Freak of Nature to his/her/Can’t Tell Anymore to their own.

[quote=“Jakers, post:6, topic:8632”]Hugs and squee/hisses =3

See! I didn’t eat him, I’m a nice spider really[/quote]
Jakers… Your salivating.

But Wilson.
You are the saliva.

I think my favorite is medical, because who doesn’t want to be able to regenerate limbs and get a big boost for losing that limb in the first place?


When I do mutate, I tend to favor becoming a goo-person cause goo-people are sexy. Other than that I just tend to mix alpha and medical and smoke a whole buncha’ crack.

After raiding several labs and acquiring the better part of several tons of tainted meat I brew up around eight to twelve gallons of Lizard Mutagen Serum, a gallon of purifier, a gallon of beast, a gallon of spider, a gallon of plant, and two gallons of generic mutagen. Then over a disturbing amount of trial and error brew the ultimate in mostly lizardy mutations.


At the moment none but I will try out some of the new mutations soon. raises cooking skill at the moment Im playing an int based (12int, 7str) dragon kung fu char that wanders about. Against bloated and shocking zombies I use a pistol crossbow and just any gun I find against the real heavy stuff.

Which mutation tree do the experts recommend? Pls nothing furry.

I’d prefer the medical mutation. A warrior with no sense of pain is so amazing.

No pain?should play well with dragon style because no nasty int debuff.

I have been enjoying Troglobite. Even with the sunlight debuff it’s fun as themes go. Get fully there and become this creature of the night that dwells in sewers in the day. When I do rarely get that far. I settle in a large city and use the subways and sewers to get about during the day. Coming to the surface to hunt survivor npcs at night. And build/ tunnel out my underground lair with scavenged materials from the surface.