Which is more efficient lard or tallow?

More specifically assuming access to an infinite water source (lake, river, ect.) and in terms of which give you more mileage in terms of resulting crafting ingredients and or other useful byproducts.

Both spoil in 60 days and are otherwise identical in stats. Tallow takes 3 chunks of fat and gives 2 charges, lard takes 2 chunks of fat and gives 2 charges PLUS some cracklins, which are a decently tasty, though unhealthy, food item. Both take 1 water or clean water, plus fire or 7 charges of a heating item, plus cutting and basic cooking. Any recipe that can use either uses the same amount of either.

Lard appears to be flat-out better in terms of efficiency BUT there are a handful of things that can be made with tallow and not lard, and there might even be a couple that can be made with lard but not tallow. Personally, I’d focus on lard but make a few hunks of tallow just in case.

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Unless one of the mods I’m rolling with changed the amount I get 4 portions of tallow a pop. Also lard doesn’t take water.

Sounds like a mod. I was reading straight from the item browser which is supposed to take values straight from the game.

Not saying your wrong but you have to be careful when using the item browser to make sure your looking at the experimentals not the stable. In my experience, searches default to giving you the stable.

I looked into the code and it turns out there’s a sneaky “result_mult”: 2, in the tallow recipe, so it doubles the result. Item browser wasn’t wrong, just it tells you the standard number in a stack of an item, not how many are given from a recipe.

DeWolf if you already knew the outputs, why did you need to ask which is more efficient?