Is tallow 'healthy?'

Tallow gives a considerable amount of calories, and at least for the most part you can deal with the mood debuff. However, I don’t know if it’s all that good for my health overall (relating to the hidden health stat).

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Tallow is as bad for your health as average junkfood.

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I don’t know about in-game, but irl it’d be like eating straight lard. Your cholesterol levels would skyrocket.

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tallow is fat. (cooked to not be so jiggly.) For convenience. And for candles. The game treats the healthiness appropriately.

Tallow is very “hallow”

But obviously it’s good for you health to inhale large globs of fat!

Ok. track your levels of health and fitness on a tallow diet. Come back to me with numbers. They should be interesting. :slight_smile:
personally I think one of the few diets that may be less healthy is starvation. But most would consider it to extreme to be considered a true diet.

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Ok, how healthy is eating nothing but pine nuts?

All nuts are good for your health including pine nuts, and until vitamin deficiency gets fixed there will be no penalty to eating only one kind of food as long as it is healthy.


BTW it says I have “vitamin A deficiency” but I can’t make it go away even with tons of multivitamins for an extended period.

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You can ignore the messages about vitamin deficiency as it currently has no negative effect on the player.

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BTW, unless it changed, you can effectively overdose your body with too much vitamins if I recall correct.
It doesn’t work quite like drugs where you can spontaneously stop breathing, but I believe that you will end up having some sort of effect.

if deficiency is turned off. I doubt vitamin excess was left on.

Of coarse you could always remove it from blacklist, in which case you have to worry about both too little and too much

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Heck naw I’m not about to remove that from blacklist.