Tainted tallow inconsistency?

I just noticed this: every kind of tallow you can make follow the same pattern (tallow, human tallow, mutant tallow, mutant humanoid tallow, demihuman tallow); that is, 3 chunks of fat that yeld 12 portions of tallow.
Except for tainted tallow, that uses 4 chunks of fat and yeld 2 portions of tallow.

Is there some reason for it or is it just an oversight?

I’m no dev, but it’s probably for balance purposes, after all, you have a almost unlimited source of tainted fat, compared to other types of fat (principally the human ones).

Or it can be because tainted fat is of very poor quality and be mostly rotten, with only some bits that remains usable in recipes. Just like tainted bone, that even in it’s description, says that is a very weak and brittle bone. Also when making craft with tainted bone it takes much more of it than other bones.

Anyways, as I said I’m not a dev, so I can’t say for sure.