Where the hell do I find tainted veggies?

Should be obvious that this thread will be spoilery if you care.

I’m on my quest to find to make alpha mutagen, and it’s time to make plant mutagen. The recepie calls for tainted veggies, which I thought would be easy to find with a triffid grove near me, but these guys yield fluid sacs and plant marrow. Even a Queen, vine beast, fighter, etc etc.

Tainted veggies, wheeeere?

Zombie Triffids? I forget what they’re called or if they still exist, it’s been a long time since I looted tainted veggies.

Edit: After spawning in dozens of different creatures, I can’t find a single one that is composed of tainted veggies, are these even attainable anymore?


Ahh ok, the fungaloids I was killing were exploding into spores rather than leaving corpses though, maybe a sledgehammer isn’t the best tool for leaving corpses behind.

They explode into spores anyway, but yeah, they should still leave a corpse behind which can be butchered.

You can also find them inside anthills, in the food storage rooms.

I think it’s Young fungaoids, specifically. Might be due for a revisit.

Ye olde madult fungaloids should yield fluid sacs and tainted veggies when butchered. Atleast the last 150 I killed did (I really should move my base)

do not wory at least wildlife is rare thing in your area just avoid using incendiary ammo and other weapons what create fire alslo fluid sac is good dring and emergency food (never rot realy common even this can feed famished and dehydrated survivor)