Where is the best place to settle?

Oh nah this was a test world I created to use debug to find the specific building I referred to previously.
But just like Ants… I’ve had the pleasure of using some of those “crabs” to help me clear a whole town before :slight_smile: Just making sure I had enough 8x40 and .556 to deal with them in case I made a mistake and after I was done using them. They’re good boys!

Thanks. I recognize the layout of the farm, although somewhat different, I used it as a base of operations in a previous game. The basement is new.

Yep. I believe it was added either when the ramps thing was introduced, like the bridges and what not (correct me if I am wrong here) or shortly after. But these aren’t very common to spawn considering how many “Farmhouses” there are to be in the RNG basket.

Well I never settled in one area for too long unless it was me building a character up from scratch and I was working on draining resources from the city.
If that’s the case, roof tops are optimal, especially if you find a tent.

Barring special starts, I always end up making a death mobile and hitting the road and wandering permanently, because to be honest I get bored pretty easily since I’ve done pretty much everything there is to do and I need to get into a continuous flow in order to keep my momentum going.

Living like that allowed me to travel light and only take what I need, leave everything else behind.

It seems that you are aiming at real survival and don’t want too much burden

not a bad idea, but creating your own death-mobile can take a long time, and this will be the first time for me. apparently you are a pro at this, can I ask for a couple of tips?

Of course, I’ve been playing since 0.A which I is like way back in 2013-2014 so I’ve seen the changes to the game as the years went on.

Anyway here are some tips to start off, the best vehicle hands down to convert to a deathmobile is a security van/SWAT truck. It’s a great compromise between storage space and maneuverability.

I usually rip out the front passenger seat and turn that into a bed, and immediately add solar panels to the roof, a storage battery, and replace the Diesel engine with gasoline. Gas is a lot easier to scavenge and you can easily get V12 engines from gas powered sports cars. V8 engine will work but optimally a V12.

I also position vehicle crafting stations and fridges and what not to the left and cargo carriers on the right. If you have floor trunks between the two it’ll make it so that you’ll have plenty of storage.

I play with aftershock so I usually have a large fridge, an all-in-one kitchen and chemistry station, and a all-in-one forge/welder.
If you’re playing something that’s not aftershock, a mini fridge, a cooking station and a welder is all you need.

Two storage battery units from solar cars are a perfect amount of power if you’re doing extended crafting/repairs or if you decide to mount automated laser turrets.

Oh, and I mount a faucet and a 60L tank with a funnel to catch water when I run out. Just one tank will work, if you want separate tanks you can but I strongly recommend a electric water purifier and one tank. If the water gets low just siphon off the water to a jerrycan or install another tank, your choice.

You might also want to install cameras on the back of the vehicle plus sides to prevent your side mirrors from getting broken all the time. This also has the benefit of making the profile of the truck smaller so you don’t bump into things or can squeeze past wreckages.

You need a vehicle camera monitor (don’t remember what it’s called) and a vehicle electronic controller station (also don’t remember what it’s called).

Also you’re gonna want to replace the steel plating with military composite armor and install a row of vehicle rams on the front, ideally everything is military composite since it’s lighter and stronger than steel plating.

Hope that helped, ask any specific questions and I’ll give advice to the best of my ability.

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Well, thank you.
at the moment, the game has only just started, but if I’m worried about something, I’ll ask you.

Note that Rot clearly states that being mobile is a way to keep the game fresh for someone who’s tried “everything”. This also means having gained a feeling for what’s worth hauling around and what not, which a newbie doesn’t have.
You may prefer a mobile life style or try to settle down and test that out, but I’d say the mobile route is probably more difficult before you get a hang of things.

Also note that military plating is definitely where you want to go, but it takes some time to gain the skill to install them, so you’ll have to make do with steel in the mean time.

I haven’t played anything but 0.E2 stable, but if I understand the discussion correctly force propagation will now smash up the solar panels (that also require some skill to install) regularly if you use the vehicle to smash zombies.

since this a guide it should be made obvious, the wacky vehicle parts like the fridge isn’t in aftershock anymore, its in blaze.

My mistake, haven’t played the game in a while. In any case I’ll give some general tips to help figure out what people in the thread need and don’t need.


Normally flour or starches made from cattail is a great thing to have. You can do a lot with it and it stores for a long time. Very easy to get large amounts if you have a food processor and find a wheat field near a farm.

Dehydrated meat flakes and smoked meat. Dehydrated flakes are for crafting more complex foods like pizza, burritos, pesto or spaghetti. Smoked meat is good for food on the go.
If you find a large animal like a cow then I recommend gathering enough material for 3 or maybe 4 smoking racks so you don’t lose any meat to spoilage. Eat the organs while you wait for the meat to smoke.

The rest is up to you and what you can find.

Guns and ammo: Very very easy to have a massive collection of guns and ammo piling in your vehicle, your greed and inner pack rat will make you want to grab every gun and corresponding ammo you see, but here’s what I ask myself to keep things tidy:

  • Will you use it regularly, as in every excursion?
  • Is the ammo very abundant, or do you have a lot of it stored? (1k rounds or more)
  • Is it the best kind of gun for that ammo type?

For example, the SCAR-L is the best gun for 5.56 ammo in my experience, outclasses the M4, the IAR, etc. And the ammo is super easy to gather from military turrets surrounding a military outpost. I usually mod the hell out of it and gather several thousand rounds of military grade ammo very easily.

Here’s my top 3 guns that tick all three of the above criteria: SCAR-L, Barrett M107A1, M110A1

All of their ammo can be found from turrets which have a lot of ammo stored, I don’t have an opinion on pistols and shotguns since I end up using these rifles as a main gun for a wide variety of purposes. As long as the pistol can go on my hip and the shotgun can blow a hole in any tough enemies it’ll work.

Melee weapons:
Same as guns, you end up collecting a lot of them and still sticking to a katana or something.

Martial arts weapons are great and all, but in my opinion if you have a high amount of strength and or skill you’d do better off with the ultimate weapon:

Lucerne hammer.

Has reach, great bashing and stabbing values and has the best weapon attack in the game “WIDE SWEEP”. All weapons that have wide sweep are great, makes mowing down crowds a breeze.

The bash/pierce values are great for unarmored and armored foes alike, the only downside is that this weapon can’t be strapped, though it hardly matters to me.

Aside from these three you’re home free to decide what to keep and what to throw, though I recommend tossing out needless collectibles, trinkets and garbage every now and then when you decide to do some spring cleaning. Experiment on what you like, what’s your play style and you’ll get a feel for what you need and don’t.

My style of play is ambiguous, at one point I want to make a character sit in a bunker reading tons of books, and at another moment I go to look for a grenade launcher to blow up several houses in the city, I don’t plan to look for a bunch of NPCs, I want to have a character who only works for himself, with weapons I never had any problems, but for some advice I will still be grateful

My preferred spot to settle is an island. If it’s a tile or two from the mainland or another infested island, you really don’t have to worry about zombies while you build and fortify, study and train, etc. Food and water is basically unlimited, the only drawback is you have to import most of your building/crafting supplies from the mainland.

If I’m not island hopping, I usually seem to end up playing more of a low-tech wanderer - a wagon to carry loot drawn by horses or cows. Cattle are great because you’ve got a portable food source with you wherever you go. Scouting on horseback is quick and maneuverable, especially travelling through forests where traditional vehicles aren’t practical. I might overnight in a building, but normally look for one that’d make a good kill zone (read: flammable) if zombies do find me while resting there.

There are lighthouses and islands by the lake on the map

there really is no correct answer. when playing rogue-likes you really need to break out of the mindset of a “best” thing. it all depends situationally. is there a city nearby? are you a fighter, or a runner? do you plan on going it alone or in groups? is there a monster spawn nearby? can you get food? how warm is it? can you see in the dark? are there multiple floors?
these are the types of questions you should be asking yourself, instead of limiting to a “best” place. much like in real life, there are no “best things” only things that are better suited to an enviroment.

its actually a common (yet often fatal) mistake to think islands are good places to stay. they are actually very dangerous if you don’t have a good metal hulled boat because of sharks and other sea monsters, as well as salt water is undrinkable. And if your boat breaks and you don’t die of dehydration first, you might starve to death later anyways if you can’t get good at fishing.

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In the game, islands are in lakes which are not salt water. I don’t believe oceans are coded in.

Jawed terrors and other aggressive creatures can indeed be a very real threat but much as luring zombies to a kill area you’ve made on land, they can be dealt with relatively safely if you draw them to land and have even the simplest of reach weapons among other ways.

Beyond learning to fish, you can plant crops, import chickens for breeding, cattle for dairy/meat. Have an NPC follower (if you have any) fish as well to increase your chances. It’s a different mindset surviving on islands, but with a little planning it’s a much simpler place to train up your character and make a solid base of operations in the process.

Yes, some islands have lighthouses or other buildings on them already. That just means you have a ready built structure there for shelter. Islands usually have quite a few cat tails around the edges too, giving you yet another source of food.

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The place I found is very safe. After killing three zombies, it is a perfect place for leisure! I like to be in the game, and play some music in reality, to imagine, blowing the cool wind on the rooftop, enjoying the misty lake and the birds stopping in the distance. Oh my God, how wonderful it is.:laughing::laughing:

Well, I am grateful to all those who answered my question, after all, I decided to experiment and settle in a laboratory near the city, so that we can close the topic.

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