Where in the code can I find a drop list for items?

This is a problem I’ve had for a while now: I have no idea where to find the drop rates for all of the item groups. I might get lucky and find one group in one place, but not be able to find another group in another place. It’s very frustrating when you’re say, trying to figure out your chances of getting an item you really want.

EDIT: I’m looking for the Grenade section, if it helps. Trying to gauge my chances of finding a Granade (got to get my natural STR over 30 somehow!)

grenades itemgroup is still in data/json/item_groups.json with several other legacy itemgroups. Here’s the “grenades” group:

    "type" : "item_group",
    "id" : "grenades",
      ["grenade", 30],
      ["grenade_inc", 30],
      ["flashbang", 30],
      ["EMPbomb", 20],
      ["gasbomb", 15],
      ["gasbomb_makeshift", 15],
      ["smokebomb", 50],
      ["dynamite", 50],
      ["mininuke", 5],
      ["c4", 50],
      ["tool_black_powder_bomb", 10]

Granades were moved to Crazy Cataclysm and have 1 spawn ticket in the grenades group.

Most itemgroups are located within data/json/item_groups.json, data/json/itemgroups folder, or the mapgen files in which they are used.

And they probably don’t work the same way they did in the days of Marloss Man Reborn, let’s be fair. Despite the fact that they’re nigh-impossible to find. >.>

What is that spawn chance? 1 to 305?