Where did I go wrong?

I tried making a new weapon and it moaned at me when I opened up the game and it didn’t work, where did I go wrong?

{ "id": "beam", "symbol": "|", "color": "red", "name": "Beam Sword", "description": "An advanced melee weapon which uses focusing crystals along with lasers to create an extremely heated beam.", "rarity": 1, "price": 95, "material": "paper", "weight": 6, "volume": 3, "bashing": 0, "cutting": 100, "to_hit": +10


Do you have the closing ‘}’ with a comma after it (unless it’s the very last thing in the file, in which case there shouldn’t be a comma).

Just noticed that and added it, it works! I’ve also just realized it’s made of paper. Why have I put that.

And now it’s not working again, what the hell have I done?

What material did you change it to? And what error is it giving.

It’s working now, and I’ve changed it to iron. There’s some pre map load messages, but it works anyway.

Does anyone know how to make the projectiles explode? I’m making a ranged weapon that shoots boom.

{ "type" : "AMMO", "id" : "40mm_concussive", "rarity" : 10, "price" : 400, "name" : "40mm concussive", "symbol" : "=", "color" : "light_red", "description" : "A 40mm grenade with a concussive explosion.", "material" : "steel", "volume" : 1, "weight" : 200, "bashing" : 1, "cutting" : 0, "to_hit" : 0, "ammo_type" : "40mm", "damage" : 5, "pierce" : 0, "range" : 40, "dispersion" : 2, "recoil" : 15, "count" : 4, "effects" : ["EXPLOSIVE"] },
Note it’s all that steel that it’s all about, it has damage, range and count, but most importantly, dispersion and a little thing called EXPLOSIVE!