Rebar Sword

An idea I had for a craft-able melee weapon.

It’s a step up from the two-by-sword and a step down from crude sword.

    "id": "sword_rebar",
    "symbol" : "/",
    "color": "dark_gray",
    "name": "rebar sword",
    "description": "A long heavy piece of rebar that has been carefully hammered on one end to form a fairly sharp blade and wrapped with a rag at the bottom for grip.",
    "material": "iron",
    "price": 100,
    "volume": 6,
    "weight": 950,
    "bashing": 10,
    "cutting": 8,
    "to_hit": 1,
    "flags": ["SHEATH_SWORD"],
    "techniques": ["WBLOCK_1"]

I just thought there should be a weapon like this.

Not a bad idea.

Not a bad idea at all.

I don’t think it’s realistic to hammer a piece of rebar flat without a forge, then might as well make an actual sword.

Yeah you cant quite hammer edges into not near melting things

I tought rebar was some kind of metal tube. Now that i think about dang. Does not look that awesome. Practical, though! And plausible, why not? If you have it.

Might be easier to make than a “real” sword, even if it needs a full forge setup. I’m not opposed.

Can rear get hot enough to be maliable with a campfire? If so, it’d be easier to make…

It’s a steel rod, so hopefully not.

Aw… well didn’t think so…

Could it be filed down into a blade instead of hammered? What kind of tool could be used to file it? Hacksaw? To make a jagged blade, you could cut off one side of it.

A piece of rebar is basically a 1’ thick mild steel rod. I can’t for the life of me picture how it could be sharpened along the sides. Maybe file the tip into a point and bend it at a right angle to make a crude pick.

seconded. Peirce and bash damage baby. Space Dandy theme starts playing

seconded. Peirce and bash damage baby. Space Dandy theme starts playing[/quote]
Could be crafted with 1 sharpened rebar and a tool with hammering of 1 or more. (I’m assuming a rock is strong enough to bend rebar.)

I’d say a two by four OR heavy stick +long string or 50 duct tape or welder charges + sharpened rebar. Maybe a chunk of steel for added weight so it’s more like a pick?

So it’s more like a axe handle, with the rebar secured at the end at a ‘T’ Might be a better method then trying to bend the rebar. It’d counter-balance it’s own weight, too.

Tools could be a tool of cutting of 1 or more to whittle the handle and form a slot for the rebar to be secured in.

Might work like a digging stick? I dont think you could mine or clear rubble, but it should smash doors and furniture things apart, since you could stick it in and really pry things apart. It should have a bonus against armor, maybe a to-hit penalty.

You could certainly make it into a really big shiv, which I’d support, just be aware it wouldn’t get the resilient flag that “real” weapons get, so it’d break pretty fast (which is about right, rebar isn’t that hard to bend)

Shaping a rebar into anything resembling a functional sword would require a forge, hammer and anvil, and quite a bit of skill. If you want a makeshift weapon based on a rebar, adding a handhold wrapping and sharpening the tip would be the way to go (bashing + stabbing). I’d imagine that due to the texture of the rebar rod you’d have a lot of trouble pulling it out of anything you stuck it into though. Inb4 puns.

Or you can just bend an end of a piece of rebar to resemble a pick of some sort, bash or grind it down a bit and make it a really terrifying weapon - not like it’s already a deadly thing, at least in real life.